For Business

FREY Takso app is specially designed for corporate clients in Estonia.
Why do corporate clients choose FREY Takso?


·         Large selection of cars from economy to business class 

·         Staff of professional drivers

·         Personal Area 

·         Individual approach to each client 

·         Limit of transportation costs for a department or employee 

·         Rate the quality of service. Drivers with a low rating will not be able to access orders from your company.  

·         Fast delivery of transport from 5 minutes 

·         Automated ordering of a car at the organization’s price through the application 

·         Trip statistics 

·         Convenient and intuitive application interface 

·         Full financial support and detailed monthly reports, uploading reports in Excel mode.

·         24-hour dispatching office 

·         Payment through the current account of the company


We invite you to mutually beneficial cooperation!

We will be glad to see you among our corporate Clients, as well as receive feedback and suggestions for improving the service !!!

For questions about concluding a contract, please call:

+37258071121 Manager for Corporate Clients.